Small Tube Squeezer


This simple yet ingenious small toothpaste squeezer is an affordable little tool that you can't believe you lived without for so long. Simply insert the crimped end of the toothpaste into our small toothpaste tube squeezer and begin rolling. This toothpaste tube squeezer will help get every drop of product out of the tube with zero exertion, angst or frustration. These hard-to-find little gadgets are great for both kids' bathrooms and adults' bathrooms alike. Stock up while they're in stock and purchase one of our toothpaste tube squeezers for other members of your family: we guarantee that they will thank you. Fits tubes up to 2 1/4"W tube.
  • Small tube squeezer
  • Fits tubes up to 2 1/4" wide
  • Easy-to-use design eliminates waste
  • Also available in our large tube squeezer design
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