Zippered Compression Stockings


At last, you can wear compression socks that are easy to get into! These socks have a convenient zipper on the outer leg that lets you take advantage of all the health benefits of 14-17 mmHg compression. Zipper compression socks are ultra-easy to put on and take off without frustrating, time-consuming wrestling and straining. They're also comfortable under clothing and footwear for all-day use. Washable socks are made of a nylon/elastane blend.
  • Calf Circumference: S/M fits calves up to 16”
  • L/XL fits calves up to 19”
  • Length (Relaxed Measurement): S/M - 17.25” long
  • L/XL - 20” long
  • Medium compression (14-17 mmHg)
  • Zippered design
  • Nylon/elastane fabric blend
  • Machine washable
  • Imported
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