Telescoping Ceiling Fan Duster by LivingSURE™


Grabs hold of dirt and dust and won't let go! This electrostatic duster attracts particles like a magnet - its long, feathery fingers sweeping fan blades clean. The donut-shaped design slips right over the blade, removing buildup from both sides in one quick pass.The three-part handle can be used at its full length of 47" to let you work while standing safely on the floor. Also handy at its smaller lengths of 27" and 37" - for dusting furniture, artwork, walls and more. Polypropylene head; ABS and aluminum handle. Easy assembly.
  • Microfiber fan duster surrounds all sides of a fan blade to trap dust
  • Telescopic handle adjusts from 28 1/2"-47 3/4" long
  • Removable polyester brush can be hand washed
  • Metal handle features a hole for easy hanging
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