Spiral Bird Scarers, Set of 6


Are the birds picking your berry bushes and grapevines clean? Keep those hungry visitors away with these metallic spirals. As they spin in the wind, the twirling motion creates reflections that are disturbing to birds. Just hang from branches in strategic spots. Harmless and humane. You'll also use them to keep birds away from decks, patios and docks - to prevent bird droppings and other annoyances. Attractive designs add interest to your landscape as they dance in the breezes. Durable, weather-resistant PVC. Set of 6, each about 11 1/4" long. Includes hanging loops.
  • Beautiful to you (but scary to birds), these shiny silver bird deterrent spirals reflect light while twirling in the breeze—and that combination of movement and flashing light keeps unwanted birds from your garden, deck or home
  • An easy, harmless way to deter crows, pigeons, seagulls, owls or feathered intruders who destroy fruit trees and berry bushes, bird repeller spirals work their magic while lending a decorative touch to any outdoor setting
  • Designed as bird deterrent for gardens and other outdoor areas, these durable polystyrene bird scarer features aluminum plating and attached hanging loops
  • Set of 6 bird scaring devices
  • Each pest control spinner measures 11 1/4" long
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