Shoe Helpers, Set of 3 Pairs


Fighting to get your heel into your shoe? Leave your finger out of it and use this shoe helper. It makes slipping into loafers, sneakers, flats and more a shoe-in. The gripper slides over the heel of the shoe to hold it stable while creating a smooth path for your foot to glide in. Works better than a shoehorn with shoes of softer materials. Also helps you remove shoes without a struggle. Set of 3 in durable plastic.
  • Even better than a shoe horn, this set of 3 Shoe Helpers are curved just right to help feet glide into shoes
  • Simply clip a shoe horn over the backs of your shoes to add easy-to-grab, angled handles that hold shoes open as you dress, helping anyone live independently even with limited dexterity
  • Set includes 3 pairs of dressing aides in white, grey and blue
  • Durable plastic
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