Plink® Washer & Dishwasher, Freshener & Cleaner 4 ct


A hassle-free way to revitalize your appliances and enjoy a cleaner, fresher home. Eliminate unpleasant washer or dishwasher odor, leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. The deep-cleaning dishwasher deoderizer formula scrubs away buildup and odor-causing residue from hidden machine parts, including high-efficiency machines. Phosphate- and bleach-free; suitable for all machine types. Not recommended for use on silver, painted glassware, painted mugs, aluminum, fine china or any enamel coated cutlery or cookware. Do not use with non-stick coated cookware or removable stovetop components. Set of 4 dishwasher cleaner tablets. Made in USA.
  • Leaves behind a fresh lemon scent
  • Scrubs away buildup and odor-causing residue
  • Phosphate- and bleach-free
  • Suitable for all machine types
  • Set of 4 tablets
  • Made in USA
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