Graceful Rain Gauge


Finally!—An accurate and attractive way to gauge rain. Don't ruin the look of your yard with an unattractive, clunky piece of equipment. This Graceful Rain Gauge adds charm to your weather-keeping. Durable plastic frame features a glass-like acrylic rain collector that resists breakage in severe weather. See how much rain has fallen in an instant. Just press the aluminum bottom spike into ground for easy display and use. Measures 34 1/4"Hx5 1/4"W overall.
  • Material - Made of high quality plastic and glass-like acrylic, this gauge not only looks good but will last long too
  • Instant Results - Shows in real time how much rain has fallen
  • Installation - With the spike at the bottom of the gauge, just press into the ground until secure
  • Uses - Perfect for outdoor décor, put in your garden, front yard, back yard, anywhere that you can collect rain, snow, etc.
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