Cushion Grip® Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive


Cushion Grip Thermoplastic denture adhesive holds up to 4 days. Other brands last 8-12 hours. Super strong and 100% waterproof, it lasts through routine cleanings. Both a professional-strength adhesive and a temporary soft reliner, it molds to the shape of your gums and fills in the gaps to create the suction needed to hold dentures in place yet is easily removable. Won't cause mouth sores like glue products. Zinc-free and nontoxic. Made in the USA.
  • The exclusive polymer thermoplastic denture adhesive creates a 100% waterproof grip that won't wash off or break down in water
  • This denture glue adheres to dentures and molds to the shape of your gums, creating suction to keep dentures in place securely and making eating easier and more comfortable
  • This 1 ounce of Cushion Grip denture adhesive holds 4x longer than ordinary dental adhesives
  • Great for upper and lower plates, and partials
  • This secure denture adhesive is recommended for use without additional adhesives or reliners
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