Stainless Steel Spatula Tongs


Don't let a flip become a flop. When you're turning foods frying in oil or simmering in sauce, a kamikaze dive can result in spatters, burns and mess. These spatula tongs grip the food so you can turn fish fillets, burgers, chicken, chops, potato pancakes and more in safety. Slide the bottom spatula underneath to loosen items from the pan. Then gently press the opposing end over the food for flipping or lifting. Slotted design lets grease drain for clean transfers. Also great for the grill. Crafted from stainless steel. About 10 1/2"L x 2 7/8"W. Dishwasher-safe.
  • Combines the flat, "flippable" shape of a spatula with the grabbing power of tongs
  • Made of quality stainless steel for strength and durability
  • Stovetop and grill spatula features a slotted surface to prevent foods from sticking
  • Pancake flipper spatula measures 10 1/2" L x 2 7/8" W
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
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