Instant Spot Remover, 12 oz.


Coffee spill on the carpet? Wine stain on the sofa? Just aim and spray. Instant! Spot Remover is a powerful formula that's effective on stains, old and new, wet and dry. It breaks down stains on contact, separating them from the fibers so you can easily rid pet accidents, wine, coffee, ink, blood, grease, mud and more. No scrubbing or rubbing needed. Safe for use on most white and colorfast fabrics including carpet, clothing and upholstery. Odorless, noncorrosive and nonabrasive. Made in the USA.
  • Dissolves stains without discoloring or weakening fabrics
  • Fabric-friendly formula
  • Odorless and nonflammable
  • 12-oz. bottle with spray nozzle.
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